Medieval Islamic World Maps

The following monographs provide examples and descriptions of early, medieval, islamic world maps:

211   al-lstakhri’s world map, Arabic, 934 A.D.

212   Massaudy world map, pre-956 A.D.

213   Ibn Hawqal’s world map, Arabic, 980 A.D.

214    al-Kashgari’s world map, Arabic, 1076 A.D.

214.1   Ibn al-Wardi world map, 1001 A.D.

214.2   Balkhi world map with climate boundaries, 816 A.D.

214.3   al-Biruni world map of the distribution of land and sea, 1029 A.D.

214.4   al-Harrani, world map from the Jami ’al-funun, 14th century

221  Ibn Said’s world map, Arabic, 13th century

222   al-Qazwini world maps

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